Bergen News

  • – Ein kan styre Bergen betre enn dette

    In the midst of chaos, one wonders if anyone can truly steer Bergen better than this. With challenges abound, the city’s future remains uncertain.

  • Kirurgen Adham skulle gjerne operert på sykehuset i Gaza. I stedet sitter han på Bømlo.

    Surgeon Adham dreams of operating at a hospital in Gaza. Instead, he finds himself on the remote island of Bømlo. Despite the distance, his passion for healing transcends borders, offering hope to those in need.

  • Nå venter noen fine dager

    As the sun begins to set on the horizon, anticipation fills the air. Now, some beautiful days await us, promising moments of joy, tranquility, and possibility. Let us embrace the beauty of the present and savor the promise of what is to come.

  • Den kjente teaterscenen stenges og flyttes: – En genial løsning

    The beloved theater stage is closing its doors and relocating, much to the dismay of many. However, the new location proves to be a brilliant solution, offering a fresh start while preserving the spirit of the iconic venue.

  • Kronen svekkes markant

    The currency faces a significant weakening, causing concern among investors and economists. Fluctuating exchange rates are impacting both domestic and international markets, leading to uncertainty in the financial sector.

  • Brann vedtok å være mot VAR. Dette har skjedd siden.

    Brann’s decision to oppose VAR sparked a heated debate in Norwegian football. Since then, the club has faced backlash from fans and critics, but also received support from those who share their concerns about the technology’s impact on the game. Time will tell how this decision will shape Brann’s future.

  • Os: Funn av død person etter leiteaksjon

    In a tragic turn of events, a deceased person was found following a search operation in Os. The discovery brought closure to the family but also stirred emotions in the community. The authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death.

  • De står én uke i kø for å komme fremst på Springsteen. Reglene er krystallklare.

    One week in line for a chance to be front row at a Springsteen concert. The rules are crystal clear: no cutting, no saving spots. Fans camp out, united by their passion for The Boss.

  • Mister jobben om få måneder: – Dette forventer jeg ikke hadde noe å si

    When asked about his abrupt departure from the company, the mysterious employee simply stated, “I’ll be quitting in a few months. I didn’t expect it to matter.” His nonchalant attitude left many baffled and intrigued by what could possibly be on the horizon for this enigmatic individual.

  • Anders Mol og Christian Sørum vant finalen i Wien

    In a thrilling showdown, Anders Mol and Christian Sørum emerged victorious in the final at Vienna Beach Major. The Norwegian duo showcased their incredible teamwork and skill, cementing their status as one of the top beach volleyball teams in the world.