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Bergen Resource Centre for International Development Universitas Bergensis Chr. Michelsen Institute

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2 September 12:00 Open seminar

Engaging men and boys: Standing up against child marriage

Alice Taylor, Promundo. Vilde Skylstad, MedHum, and Liv Tønnessen, CMI

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3 September 14:00 UiB-Global seminar

Tax havens; Why the fuss?

Kristine Sævold, UiB-Global/CMI

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Tax havens; Why the fuss?

17 September 13:30 UiB-Global seminar

Sexuality, gendered dynamics and development goal

Annegreet WubsMasego Thamuku, and Dr Thera Mjaalandby, all part of the research-group Multicultural Venues in Health, Gender and Social Justice

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Sexuality, gendered dynamics and development goal

Mon 29 Sep Literary salon

Shaping the political arena

David and Ruth Colliere in conversation with Mike Alvarez

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1 October 14:00 UiB-Global seminar

Language and Climate Change

Øyvind Gjerstad, UiB

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22 October 14:00 UiB-Global seminar

The politics and theology of Pope Francis

Hans Egil Offerdal, UiB and Hans Geir Aasmundsen, UiB-Global

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6 November 14:00 UiB-Global seminar

Pentecostalism in Comparison: Perspectives from Melanesia and Africa

Ruy Blanes, Social Anthropologist at UiB

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Selected new books:

Corruption, grabbing and development - real world challenges edited by Tina Søreide, Aled Williams
Economic aspects, Corruption

Human rights and development in the new millennium - towards a theory of change edited by Paul Gready and Wouter Vandenhole
Human rights, Economic development, Human rights, Economic development, Social aspects

Governance of the petroleum sector in an emerging developing economy edited by Kwaku Appiah-Adu
Petroleum industry, Oil industry, Natural gas, Trade, Economic aspects, Ghana, Developing countries

Sudan divided - continuing conflict in a contested state edited by Gunnar M. Sørbø and Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed
Politics, Peace building, Government, Islam, Ethnic conflicts, History, Sudan

The economic and social basis for state-restructuring in Nepal Magnus Hatlebakk, Charlotte Ringdal
Federalism, State, Political systems, Poverty reduction, Economic conditions, Social conditions, Nepal

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